And why should you even care?

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Why should you even try to understand weather charts?

Being able to read weather charts is of course not that essential to succeed in life. You can always just pop open a weather site that will exactly tell you what the weather is going to be for any location. But I think there are a lot of benefits that come with being able to visually understand these charts. Not only because you will now be able to understand the weather and make a forecast yourself. From my experience, the biggest benefit of learning to understand weather charts is the “learning to learn” aspect. Reading weather charts has an almost…

And why not any of the countless other combinations?

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Nowadays it’s an obvious and very normal thing that WASD is the standard for gaming. You will use W to move forwards, S to do so backward, and A and D to move left and right, respectively. There are countless combinations out there to use instead of WASD, but why does the standard setup of almost every game use WASD?

The Past

Long ago, when gaming was new and totally not mainstream yet, there was no such standard combination. Every game had its own controls. Most games used the arrow keys to move. In those games, the mouse didn’t have a major…

With only 2 easy minutes of work each day.

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What is a Niche Page?

The names explains itself, a niche page is a page where we post feed posts and stories about one subject. For example a page all about travel, golf or mountain biking. My niche page is all about food and cooking. The trick with this type of pages is that you only need to invest a minimal amount of time. Once you’re all set up, it’s only 2–3 minutes of work every day to keep your page growing and booming!

Choosing a Niche

The first thing you will need to do is choosing a niche…

You always want more conversions, don’t you?

The increase of conversions is probably your main goal, people that sign up for your email list, buy your product, click your affiliate link or become a client; are the people that you want. If you’re just starting out or if you already have an established online site or company, you need those conversions. Sometimes, some little adjustments can boost your conversions a fair bit. And with Kartra (Affiliate link) it is pretty easy to do so.

Increase conversions by optimizing your landing page

Your landing page is the most important page of your funnel, if it looks ugly or…

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As the population rises and we are building more and bigger, a lot of the previously green land is replaced by concrete, asphalt and houses. This is not only bad because of the disappearing nature, but on large scale it can lead to water shortages.

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Belgium is a relatively small, but divided democratic country in West-Europe. It’s a part of the European Union and NATO. Belgium has a very complicated political structure. It’s so complicated that even some Belgian people do not understand it. There are large economical, political and cultural differences between the different regions of Belgium, with the consequence that after the elections of 2010, it took 541 days in negotiations before the new ministers of the federal parliament were chosen. The battle between two different communities in one country: Belgium.

The Six Parliaments


A cat with hunting skills superior to a wolf

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One of the, if not the most popular pet in the world, is the cat. If you don’t own a cat, you probably know someone who does. Cats are not the only species of its kind. Like dogs are related to wolfs, cats are related to, among other things, the Lynx.

Lynx in a nutshell

Lynx are a species in the family of the felines, joined by cats, lions, and tigers. Lynx are only native to the northern hemisphere. There are four species of Lynx:

  1. The Canadian Lynx (which lives in Canada)
  2. The Red Lynx…

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The wolf, long ago this species was a common sight in the Benelux. It is a native species that took care of the balance in the food chain. But the wolf didn’t last. Wolf hunting in the Benelux and surrounding regions, meant the end for the species in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.


Tornadoes, you probably think it’s a weather phenomenon only occurring in the US. But you’re wrong, tornadoes occur almost all over the world, from the US to Argentina to Europe to Bangladesh, even in New-Zealand. The US and especially the area called ‘Tornado Alley’ has the most tornadoes of any region in the world. But it isn’t only Tornado Alley, Europe has his part too.

To understand tornadoes you will first need a little background in how a thunderstorm forms and works. There many types of thunderstorms, but the type that produces tornadoes is called a supercell. …

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